BOTOX® is proven to significantly reduce headache days every month

  • BOTOX® prevents up to 9 headache days a month
  • No daily treatment
  • BOTOX® injections are given every 3 months by your doctor
  • The first and only preventive treatment approved by the FDA for people with Chronic Migraine
  • BOTOX® is approved to prevent headaches in adults with Chronic Migraine who have 15 or more headache days a month with each headache lasting 4 hours or more

It is not known whether BOTOX® is safe or effective to prevent headaches in patients with migraine who have14 or fewer headache days each month (episodic migraine)

How it Works:

  • You will receive injections to 7 key areas of the head and neck
  • Expect the recommended dose for each BOTOX® treatment session (155 Units)
  • Very fine needles are used for 31 total injections
  • Injections feel like tiny pinpricks—most people experience mild discomfort