We’ve come to the end of this series of product education with the final step of GRASS…Specialty Products.

This portion is where we recommend a product very specifically for your concerns. Lytera is the most common with many clients being concerned with hyperpigmentation from sun damage or hormonal changes. Lytera is clinically comparable to hydroquinone 4% and results can be seen in as little as 4 weeks with continued results seen over time. The main reason we recommend this product versus hq is that hq has been seen to thin the epidermis with use over several years and is banned in some European countries. I usually recommend a client get through at least two of the bottles before deciding to switch back to hq because the results from Lytera can be extremely slow moving. This product does have the tendency to potentially darken pigmentation for the first two weeks of use so don’t be alarmed! It just takes time for the dendrites where the pigment is harbored to completely flush out. It does also contain a small amount of a Retinol so do not to use until all peeling has subsided after a chemical peel. One pump applied to the full face morning and night. I have had clients say that this product in combination with the Vitamin C+E or other silicone based products tends to make it pill up so in that case, use only at night but know that it will not be quite as effective.

The other specialty products we carry are the Hydrating Serum (hyaluronic acid), AHA BHA Cream (salicylic acid and lactic acid), AHA BHA Cleanser (same ingredients mixed with granules for manual exfoliation), Skin Polisher (just granules), Facial Cleanser, and Ultra Sheer Moisturizer (very light moisture for very oily skin types).

If you have any specific questions about those particular products, please let your Ambrosia MedSpa skin care professional know.