Our laser hair reduction treatment delivers laser hair reduction for menpermanent reduction of unwanted hair on all parts of your body-with little or no pain. We have the latest technology that is proven to be safe and effective for all skin types. Reducing unwanted hair on any part of the body is safe and simple. Our technicians are professional while understanding how to create a comfortable atmosphere during any discussion or treatment.

Typically men are most concerned with unwanted back hair. Not only is it an aesthetic issue, the hair Follicles can become irritated, itchy, and infected. The discomfort is worsened with exercise, warm weather and sweating.

If you’ve ever tried to shave your back, you know it is impossible to reach every part of your back. Not to mention the itchiness and ingrown hairs that are caused by shaving. You can try waxing your back but it is painful and has to be repeated again and again. With laser hair reduction, you can permanently reduce hair across your entire back in just four to eight treatments.

Laser hair reduction for men before and after