Monday Product Education Part Two! Following the steps of GRASS, I figured we’d discuss Retinols and Antioxidants.

SkinMedica’s Retinols come in 0.25, 0.5, and 1.0 which are a direct crossover from tretinoins, Retin-A, etc. and their percentages. 0.25 is very gentle and is indicated for those with very sensitive or acne-prone skin. 0.5 is a middle-range and when tolerance is built, it can be used every night. 1.0 is the most active and typically can only be tolerated 3-4 times per week without flaking.

The difference with SkinMedica’s Retinols is that they are encapsulated and combined with hydrators so the usual irritation that is associated with Vitamin A application is much less. This usally means clients (especially those are the hard-core ones who wanna feel the burn!) think that this product isn’t as effective. It’s like a time-delivered medication (think coated medicines like Tylenol), it penetrates deeper into the skin to provide cell turnover and collagen stimulation without damaging the surface layers causing some of the redness and irritation they are used to.

One pump is enough for the full face and usually the neck and chest can only receive half of the number of applications as the face because it gets too irritated. Start just 2-3 times per week and with every week, add another night of application. This product is used at night only. It should be the last layer after other correctors. It can be considered your nightly moisturizer but most aging clients like a heavier moisturizer so in that case, apply your heavy moisturizer last. If you begin to have flaking or irritation (usually in the same areas that peeling begins, around the mouth and sides of nose), ease off for a couple of nights.

We carry one of the options for SkinMedica’s antioxidants, which is the Vitamin C and E. It is great for the 20-30’s age group who are looking for preventative products. It has a nice silicone feel so it’s great as a makeup primer. It is equivalent to the 15% Vitamin C by Obagi but SkinMedica’s is in a much more stable form. If you are using the TNS Essential Serum, you do not need an additional Antioxidant.

Woot! We’ve now covered G, R, and A! More than halfway through the steps! Again, let us know if you have any questions.